Performance Development Group Wins Gold Brandon Hall Learning Award

July 6, 2010

Performance Development Group Wins Gold Brandon Hall Learning Award

April 20, 2007 – Performance Development Group (PDG), a global performance improvement firm, announced that it has won a Gold 2006 Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award in the category of Custom Content.
PDG’s winning entry was a simulation developed to help Wyeth Pharmaceuticals sales representatives bridge the gap between learning and performing on the job. Wyeth sought a solution that would enhance the sales force’s ability to use new behaviors and tools in the field. With that goal in mind, the PDG simulation incorporated three elements: context (to teach where and when to use specific tools and processes); examples (to model what the desired behaviors look like); and practice (to instill the confidence needed to use new skills in the real world).

A series of short simulations enables reps to practice and discover the best tools to use in each sales situation, closely mimicking the work environment and providing performance feedback throughout. In order for the simulation to be realistic, the storyline was based on “war stories” from experienced reps. To make it immersive, the simulation used realistic 3-D environments and extensive video.
During a series of simulated sales calls with physicians, reps learned to identify where and when to use each behavior and the likely outcomes of choosing one approach over another. At each decision point in the sales call, context-sensitive links helped end users learn the best use of each tool and resource available. Reps were encouraged to attempt each simulation several times, making different decisions and seeing the resulting outcomes.

“The most compelling reason to use selling simulations is to develop our people and to equip them to meet strategic business objectives,” said Don Block, Executive Director, Sales Training, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. “This simulation will allow our representatives to apply their knowledge in a safe learning environment and to hone their skills, so they can provide the greatest value for our customers and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

The Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards are presented annually by Brandon Hall Research, one of the leading research firms in training and development. Now in its twelfth year, the Awards program showcases exceptional work in the use of technology to enhance learning.
“The winning entries this year show great design and wonderful creativity,” said Brandon Hall, Ph.D., chairman of the Awards program. “These winners really set the standard for innovative learning.”

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PDG’s Custom Content entry was recognized during a ceremony and reception held on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 in Denver, Colo., as part of the 2006 Training Solutions Conference & Expo, held October 23-25. The winners are listed at
Entries were submitted in the categories of Custom Content, Learning Technology, Learning Case Studies, and Live Online Learning. In 2006 a total of 252 entries, representing 16 countries, were submitted. The entries were evaluated by independent judges from 44 countries around the world.
About Performance Development Group

Performance Development Group (PDG) is a full-service performance improvement company dedicated to helping corporate clients maximize the productivity of their workforce. The company helps businesses identify the drivers of performance in their organization, pinpoint the areas or efforts that will provide the best return, build targeted solutions that bridge those performance gaps and drive the realization of their business goals. Whether the right solution involves performance consulting, blended learning design and development, or immersive business simulations, PDG has the skills and expertise to help businesses succeed.

About Brandon Hall Research
Brandon Hall, Ph.D. is the CEO of Brandon Hall Research and author of the groundbreaking “Web-Based Training Cookbook.” Since 1992, Brandon Hall Research ( has been providing independent research reports and expert advice on using technology in learning. Brandon Hall Research conducts the Awards program each year to recognize the best in innovative learning. To honor the Award winners Brandon Hall Research hosts the Awards reception and ceremony in partnership with VNU and in conjunction with the Training Solutions Conference & Expo.


Performance Development Group and PROTONMEDIA form Strategic Partnership

July 6, 2010


Philadelphia, PA. – July 10, 2009 – Performance Development Group of Malvern, PA today announced a strategic alliance with ProtonMedia of Lansdale, PA. Performance Development Group and ProtonMedia will work collaboratively to offer creative performance strategies and solutions by incorporating ProtonMedia’s enterprise virtual world, ProtoSphere®, a secure, private virtual world environment for collaboration, learning and social networking.

ProtoSphere®’s immersive settings will allow Performance Development Group clients to communicate securely using built-in application sharing, Voice Over IP (VoIP), text chat, and video telepresence facilities.
”This is a time of great change within the performance improvement space.” said David Manning, Managing Partner of Performance Development Group. “A rapidly increasing adoption rate of emerging technologies coupled with economic pressures for corporations to reduce budgets is creating tremendous demand for innovative digital solutions and the service providers who design them. Performance Development Group’s partnership with ProtonMedia enables our team of world-class experience architects to leverage the industry’s leading corporate Virtual World platform to design unparalleled experiences for driving workforce behavior and brand engagement.” “Large organizations are committed to virtual teaming, and virtual learning” says ProtonMedia’s CEO Ron Burns, “but today’s tools are dispersed, and hard to use. With ProtoSphere, and the awarding winning content and design work from PDG, organizations can leverage the best of both content and context, to increase the speed of knowledge transfer between organizational silos and build a more efficient and collaborative learning enterprise”.

Through this partnership with ProtonMedia, Performance Development Group enables global businesses to facilitate communication, collaboration and training in a secure, always on, immersive environment. Examples of capabilities include:

. Virtual corporate meetings
. Simulation-based training
. 3D virtual classrooms

. Social network systems
. Built in-blogs and wikis
. Customizable avatars

“Traditional push formats for training, communication and marketing are being replaced with more agile pull opportunities — where search engine optimization is king and one size fits one.” Mr. Manning continued. “The partnership between ProtonMedia and Performance Development Group will place the power of Virtual Worlds, Social Networking and Web 2.0 technologies into the hands of PDG’s experience architects to create engaging collaboration and learning opportunities for our clients’ employees and customers.”

About Performance Development Group
Performance Development Group is a leading Performance Improvement Agency that delivers strategy and solutions through interactive training, communication, and digital marketing experiences that ignite performance and catalyze behavior change for companies and their customers.

About ProtonMedia
ProtonMedia is the leading provider of virtual world technology for the enterprise. ProtonMedia’s flagship product ProtoSphere® is a secure, private virtual world environment for collaboration and learning. As the premier virtual world platform for the enterprise, ProtoSphere® features a suite of communications and social networking tools designed to deliver the most efficient knowledge transfer within a networked, learning organization.

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