7 of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies use PDG

Did you know that seven of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies are clients of PDG, and of those, six are in the top seven?* In other words, 70% of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies trust PDG.

PDG has a well-established reputation for delivering the highest quality corporate learning products and services. It should come as no surprise that the pharmaceutical industry, with the regulations and responsibilities it has to the federal government and consumers, would turn to such a steady and trustworthy partner.

PDG has provided a vertical service to the Life Sciences industry since its founding. As PDG’s client base has grown, so has the breadth and scope of our training services for the pharmaceutical industry. PDG serves clients across all sectors, but we have particular expertise and experience in meeting the complex requirements of regulated organizations in the life sciences and financial services sectors. We have maintained those partnerships over the years, and grown our client base, because of the consistent quality of our work.

PDG is a global leader in providing training services that build value for our clients by working with them to create the strategy, develop the solutions and provide a scalable implementation capability to drive bottom line results through improved workforce performance.





*Source: Contract Pharma’s 2010 Top 20 Pharmaceutical Companies Report


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