PDG to present @ mLearnCon in San Jose

PDG Strategy and Innovation’s dynamic duo of Rich Mesch and Reni Gorman will present at this year’s mLearnCon in San Jose, CA on Tuesday, June 21.  The conference boasts over 80 sessions that explore all aspects of mobile learning – from management strategies and best practices to content and design.

Rich and Reni’s session, mLearning Is So Ten Minutes Ago. Mobile Performance Is Now!, will address how organizations can turn mobile learning into mobile performance support.  People use their mobile devices every day to learn things; they just don’t call it training.  Session participants will discover that to maximize mobile performance, you need to design differently, do needs analysis differently, and consider the applicability, not just the brevity, of mobile applications.

As Rich points out, “We need to look at not what we can teach people on a mobile device, but rather how we can use mobile devices to provide information to help them perform better.”  Check out their session at mLearnCon.


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