PDG Working with Major Pharmaceutical on Transforming its Workforce!

In late 2010, PDG partnered with a major pharmaceutical company’s manufacturing division to assist them in achieving an ambitious goal: to become #1 in providing their type of products to the world. In order to meet this objective, the organization embarked on a transformation to become a learning and high performance institution. As Jack Welch put it: “An organization’s ability to learn & translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.” PDG leveraged its Strategy Consulting, Training Development and Learning BPO to meet these needs.

The first step was to conduct an analysis to uncover what the knowledge gaps were in the organization that was preventing them from increasing performance. PDG’s Strategy Consultants did countless interviews, focus groups and site visits, and heard hundreds of points of view from the shop floor to the director level.  They uncovered leadership and process knowledge gaps — people didn’t see or understand the big picture – more importantly, they didn’t understand their role in that picture. PDG’s
Creative Solutions team designed courses that provide the learner with the greatest impact – the ability to see the whole picture and move from “how I” to “how we” manufacture product.

In addition to teaching new knowledge and skills, the courses were also meant to ensure that people were connecting and communicating—laughing together and learning together in the classroom. However, knowing that training alone will not change culture; the PDG strategy team put together a set of plans that ensure behavior changes. The first is to ensure employees and leadership know what is expected of them, the second is of course to teach them, the third is to ensure coaching and “pull through” of knowledge happens on the job, and the fourth is to ensure that the “right” behavior is rewarded.

Now, in the rollout stage, PDG’s Managed Services group is overseeing the implementation of nearly 20 courses with over 1,000 sessions that will eventually involve learners from all around the globe.  PDG is providing onsite project management and administrative support from scheduling the sessions, hiring and training the facilitators, preparing all course materials and overseeing the sessions.  A PDG team member is always onsite, whether it is 12 noon or 12 midnight, to ensure that an effective instructing and learning environment has been created for the facilitator and the learner respectively.

This tremendous undertaking by both PDG and its partner continues to unfold.  PDG’s Strategy Consulting, Training Development and Learning BPO has assembled a tremendous team with some of the best minds in the business to guarantee that it is done right to achieve business objectives.

PDG continues to work with all its clients to create strategies, develop solutions and provide scalable implementation capabilities that drive bottom line results and improve workforce performance. 


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