How the Strip of the Month was “Conceived”

PDG partnered with a healthcare management company to assist Obstetric RN’s in their ability to read fetal monitoring strips. Prior to collaborating with PDG, the company was providing the fetal strip training in a paper based format accompanied by a set of questions. The company was looking  for a more engaging solution using the latest technology and turned to PDG to produce the course.

The solution that PDG devised was twelve 15-minute e-learning course modules that would be placed on the company’s learning management system (LMS) on a monthly basis. Each 15-minute module provides the nurse with the patient’s background information, assessment of the patient’s fetal strip and a set of 10 questions from various sample categories. Examples of questions include: What baseline trend(s) did the strip present? What is the physical cause of this trend? What goal would help correct the problem? What action will correct the problem? Feedback appears immediately after the learner answers each question.

By contextualizing the assessment (giving it a storyline and a series of characters – support staff and mothers), the nurses can practice reading strips of lifelike patients.   The intent is for this to lead to a more effective assessment and skill building activity, with feedback linked to the actions the nurse choses to take/not take in each case, delivering just-in-time feedback to keep their skills current back on the job. PDG’s team consisted of a course designer, project manager, instructional designer, an art director, two graphic designers and a developer; as well as a registered nurse to write the content documents based on specific patient profiles, and a medical writer to review and reference each content document for the company.  To date, three of the 12 modules have been rolled out to the client.

PDG continues to work with all its clients to create strategies, develop solutions and provide scalable implementation capabilities that drive bottom line results and improve workforce performance. 


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